Tips for Choosing Water Faucet Material


One of the factors for our consideration in choosing a water tap is Janis, the material maker. The type of water faucet material influences the strength and durability and the service life of a water faucet product. Even so, we must also remember that this type of material also influences or even greatly influences the price factor of a water tap. The better the material, the more expensive the price of the best kitchen faucets.

Several types of water faucet material on the market, we can group these types of materials into several groups:

Brass is a mixture of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn). Brass has a resistance to corrosion and leakage, so it is suitable for use as a material for making water faucets. There are brass water faucets that are marketed without a layer of plating, suitable for classic Baroque-style bathrooms and some are also given a plating layer so it is more durable and also looks more attractive. Water faucets made from brass usually last longer and are also marketed at a higher price than faucets of other types. However, brass material for easy processing needs to be mixed with lead or lead (Pb). After 2014, restrictions on lead content in faucet products were tightened in the world industry standard to 0.25�cause lead is known to be detrimental to human health. To meet these standards, water tap manufacturers use other additives in the manufacturing process.

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Pros And Cons Best Kitchen Faucets


  • Pull down kitchen faucet
  • 3 function spray head
  • Easy install
  • Magnetic docking
  • Made to last
  • Lasting finish
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Expensive price

Stainless Steel
Faucets made from stainless steel material are a cheaper option in terms of price compared to their counterparts made of brass material. Although it is called stainless steel, this material is not 100% stainless. Errors in the production process and user misunderstanding can make it damaged by corrosion. The level of durability of the water faucets of stainless steel material is below the water faucets with brass material. But with the development of technology, the stainless steel material used has also become stronger. The zero lead content in stainless steel faucets is also an added value for human health. Good quality stainless steel faucets generally use stainless steel 304 or even stainless steel 316 which are more resistant to acid content. Make sure in choosing a stainless steel faucet there is an inclusion of the type of stainless used. If it only says ‘stainless steel’, usually the quality of the water tap is not good.

Zinc Alloy
Zinc Alloy is an alloy of zinc (Zn) with aluminum (Al), magnesium (Mg), and copper (Cu). This material is generally used as a low-quality faucet making material. The advantage is the price is quite cheap so it is very easy to find on the market. Its durability is very low compared to its counterparts made of brass and stainless steel or stainless steel. This type of faucet will be very weathered and quickly corroded compared to the two colleagues mentioned in the two pins above.

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